Conscious Legacy Journey

What Legacy do you want to leave when you transition out of this beautiful and beloved Earth?

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Are a Leader and/or a Founder in the field of Conscious Business:

You have a track record of a significantly positive footprint on our beautiful Planet, and on it’s inhabitants through tackling effective social and environmental challenges.

You love taking on new challenges and you are known as a visionary leader.

You are unorthodox and love to do things in your own way, and create your own path.

You know that the more successful you become, the lonelier it can feel “at the top”.

You would love to increase the positive legacy you want to leave behind, but not at the cost of your well-being and the happiness of those who you love the most.

You have the resources to make shift happen, and are always exploring ways to effectively take things to the next level.

You want to 10x the positive impact of your current Mission, or might be ready to transition to the next phase of your Life

Secretly, you would love to have more fun in your life (it’s easy for you to get too serious about things).

Our Transformational Journey together:

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We meet three times during the year for tailor-made Retreats (based on your personality, aspirations, goals and preferences), in a different location each time as you progress through your Journey.

Beginning the Journey: 3-Day Retreat

We will start by meeting for a 3-day retreat. You will set up your goals and intention for this journey: the legacy you want to leave, the people you want to meet, and the fun you want to have along the way:

A Year Long Support to go deeper and sustain your transformation effortlessly

I will support you every other week, for a deep 90 minute conversation.

Sometimes I will show up as your Coach.

Sometimes we will dive deep.

Sometimes you will talk to me as your Trusted Soul Advisor.

Sometimes you will talk to me as your Conscious Business Advisor.

Sometimes I will help you negotiate your next contract and create more value.

Sometimes I will help you stay on track with your friends and family.

Sometimes I will send you on a vacation or a meditation retreat, when you really need it (and can’t see it for yourself).

Each call is a wake-up call to who you truly are and what your next step is in leaving a highly vibrant, beautiful and healthy legacy on this Earth.

We will have a total of 20 calls, across approximately 10 months which leaves you (and I) enough time off to rest, renew and recharge (yes, Resting is Part of the Training).

Second Retreat: 3-day Deep Dive

Your second retreats will be for a duration of 3 days.

End of the Journey (and beginning of your New Life): 3-day retreat.

You can have access to me in between calls on a private and secure channel.

I will reply within a maximum of 24 hours.

For real emergencies, call 911. ;-p


You are the contents of this Journey. You will rediscover who you truly are, and what is Truly possible for you.

I will also share elements of my 6P Conscious Business framework to you (as featured in Global Voice Magazine by the Council for Business and Society), to support you in your journey and to help you leave the most healthy, vibrant and wholesome legacy and footprint you can on our beautiful Planet Earth.

Get your 6 Ps aligned:

You will get on Purpose, deeper.

You will 10x your positive effects on the People you serve and who surround you (customers, beneficiaries, stakeholders, investors, your family, loved ones and friends)

You will (at least) 10x your positive footprint on this beautiful Planet

You will create Prosperity for yourself and others

We will take care of your Psyche like you have never before:

  • Clear your Mind and sustain this clarity for your lifetime
  • Cleanse, Strengthen and Enjoy your Body like never before
  • Connect and learn more from your Emotional wisdom
  • (Re)connect with your Soul

We will set up custom-made Processes that work for you and make it all simple, easy and effortless

Embody your style of Conscious Leadership:

-Create more Time than you ever had before, for what REALLY REALLY Matters to you

-Create and work on Projects that truly make your Soul come fully Alive (you were born for this)

-Learn to manage your energy to feel younger, stronger and more lively than ever before

-Connect with people you never imagined you could reach out to

-Do it all with fun, levity and enjoyment

Keep working on your Top Secret Project:

Your Top Secret Project is the project you have told nobody about. Only your Soul knows about it. It is what you are truly working on. The thing you were born to do. It is your “escape from prison”. You know you are having an amazing impact in the world, and yet, secretly, you know you are also working on digging your hole out of this prison. You know that whenever you feel like, you can set yourself free. And one day, once you have accomplished what you needed to accomplish and left the legacy you want to leave, you will take that secret passage, and vanish into a new existence.


44K€ upfront.

Your commitment, time, energy, and immersion in the experience.

If you are interested, book a call with me.

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