Renewed Earth Program

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

If you are not satisfied with the world as it is, but have been doing something about it…

If you feel that there is much more that can be done…

This Group is for you…

What if we created a Renewed Earth?

What if we created a new world?

What would you want the new world to look like?

Join me and a small, select group of visionary leaders in creating a new world together.

This will be a six-month journey into the nature of transformation.

We will come to see how our actions, our thoughts, and our way of being impact the world around us.

And you will use these gifts to restore Earth as you wish.

Throughout our journey, we will bring greater depth, increased consciousness, and more aliveness to our endeavours and actions. We will make this planet a more united, vibrant, and nurturing world, together.

Here is what our journey will look like:

We will meet in September 2021, to start our journey, that will take us all the way to February 2022.

We will meet, every other week, and I will coach you, to bring the best out of you to the world.

We will start by looking at your Purpose. Why are you doing this in the first place?

You probably already have a strong sense of purpose. Yet, in this journey, if you are willing, you will discover much more depth about your Why.

Second, we will dive deep into your Psyche. The obstacles you face will arise and dissolve naturally within the power and compassion of the group. You will determine the parts of you that are in service and those that are not. You will build up the internal resources that you need for the next stretch of your journey.

People. Now that you have connected with your deepest and most authentic Self, you are ready to connect with the rest of the group. They are your fellow journeyers. Don’t be surprised if you discover that you meet Soul brothers and Soul sisters in the group. Nothing happens by accident. You will create new tendrils of connection in the group, and we will see how your existing connections outside of the group can serve your Larger Purpose. You will find ways, with your intuitive wisdom and the group’s collective wisdom, to create more symbiosis in this new world.

Planet. Which kind of world do you wish to live in? What world do you want to create? What world are you currently creating? Which relationship with Nature do you want to develop?

We will dive deep, once again, and co-create a new world.

Prosperity. What if there was enough for everybody? What if there was more than enough? What if this New Planet was full of abundance, and the only reason why we couldn’t see it is because our old self was getting in the way?

Together, we will create prosperity. Financial prosperity, yes. With new, higher standards, based on sustainability that feel in integrity with who you Truly are.

You will learn to create prosperity based on giving, sharing, care, love, health, which willall lead to wealth for you, the communities you serve, your clients and your loved ones.

Don’t get fooled by these lofty and inspired words. We will not only dream, we will also deliver and make all that happen.

Here is what you can expect from this Group:

100x your positive impact. This starts as soon as you sign up:

You signing up will give birth to 100 Trees planted in the Universal City of Auroville, in India, by our symbiotic partner organization, Sadhana Forest.

Sadhana Forest is an amazing vegan tree planting organization, that not only plants trees, but actually nurtures communities through nature.

Transformation, by Sadhana Forest:

10x the Depth of your Purpose: feel 10x more on Purpose than you have ever felt before

10x the Good you are doing to yourself (Psyche=Whole Being: Mind, Body, Emotions, Soul, Spirit).

What if the journey was pleasant, fun and joyful ?

10x the Good you are doing for others (People= the Service you are offering to the World)

What if you weren’t really participating in this program for yourself?

10x the Positive Effects you are having on the Planet.

I don’t speak about “Impact”. “Impact” is what bullets leave. What if you left No footprint behind you (such as in the Burning Man 10 principles) or even better: a positive Footprint ?

From the smallest things in your life, to the biggest things in your Service to the World (whether you are working on it full time or not)

What if the Planet’s Soul were calling you to join this journey?

How would you show up?

What would you want to give back to Her?

10x your Prosperity, and that of all those around you. That means your profits, the sustainability of your business, your health, your mental wellness. Yes, this ties in to the Psyche, as all of these are interdependent, and nourish each other. When you 10x one of these, it has ripple effects on all of the others.

We will give you the keys to create more income (from 5K all the way up to 100K+), and simplify your business and your life.

What if you could do it all, in your own way?

Who is being called to this journey?

First, Brave Souls who are feeling the call.

Second, Brave Souls who already have had amazing journeys, and who have already served a lot, and had a tremendous positive effect in the past.

Brave Souls who have already done a lot of the inner work necessary to take the next step on their journey.

Brave Souls who are committed to make things even better, and do not need a group to move forward.

Brave Souls who are willing to discover new approaches, more simple and easy ways to Create this New Planet.

Brave Souls who are willing to know themselves better, and come from a greater place of service.

Brave Souls who are willing to take chances, especially in these challenging times.

Brave Souls who say Yes to Life, and Yes to their Purpose.

What will you get from this journey?

A magic call, deep in time and space, where I will coach you as a group and individually:

A magic place where miracles will occur for your life, your business and for the world.

This happens every other week, for six months.

Every time, you come out with more joy, energy, enthusiasm, and love

  • You come out with the seeds that can grow into Life-shifting insights, that can make your life easier, happier, simpler, more fulfilling, healthier, more vibrant, more joyful.
  • All the tools you need to Create this New Planet
  • But most of all: the support of an amazing group of Soul Brothers and Sisters

You might think, just as some of my Conscious Business students: “This call was the highlight of my week”

I will serve you with the intention of this Experience being your best transformative experience in 2021.

What is the investment you need to make to take part in this journey?

First, you need to be fully committed with your heart, time, attention and energy during and in between our coaching calls.

As for the financial investment, you have two options:

Option 1:     Group Coaching only

  • 12 group coaching calls (90 minutes, 2x/month)
  • 3 Mentor’s Blessing sessions from leading visionaries in the field of sustainability
  • Full group support and connection
  • 1 on 1 support from Jean-Sébastien in between sessions

Value: 3499€

Payment options:

499€ upfront + 500€/month for six months (3499€)

Or Pay 2999€ Upfront (500€ Off)

Register Before July 16, 2021 and get an extra 500€ Off:

499€ upfront + 500€/month for five months (2999€)

Or 2499€ Upfront (500€ Off)

Option 2:    Group Coaching + 1 on 1 Coaching from Jean-Sébastien

  • 12 group coaching calls (90 minutes, 2x/month)
  • 3 Mentor’s Blessing sessions from leading visionaries in the field of sustainability
  • Full group support and connection
  • 12 one-on-one deep coaching sessions (60 minutes, 2x/month)
  • 1 on 1 support from Jean-Sébastien in between sessions

Value: 5300€

Payment options:

499€ upfront + 800€/month for six months

Or 4800€ Upfront (500€ Off)

Register Before July 16, 2021 and get an extra 800€ Off:

499€ upfront + 800€/month for five months

Or 4000€ Upfront

I’m In ! What happens next?

If you are interested in joining the adventure, download and fill out the application form. Then, send it to me by email to tell me about your projects and aspirations.

If I feel you could be a good fit for the program, you will be offered a complimentary deep coaching session by me to help you prepare for the program.

If you know someone who could be a great contribution to the program, and benefit greatly from it, tell them about it and let me know !

If you have any further questions, send me an email.

I’ll see you on the other side !


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