Creating a better World,
from the insight-out.

If you see yourself as…

  • Committed to making this world a more beautiful, vibrant, true, diverse place to live.
  • A growth-oriented person who has invested significant time and effort transforming
    yourself through deep inner-work.
  • A catalyst of transformation for those around you.
  • Having achieved a great amount of success – although it doesn’t feel like it from the inside.
  • Knowing that there are many more positive ripples you would like to create in this life.
  • Being driven, and having a clear sense of your life purpose.
  • Sometimes feeling frustrated, because no matter how much you achieve, at times you feel that it is not enough.

You and I need to have a conversation.

– An overview of Jean-Sébastien –

To his friends and colleagues, Jean-Sébastien is known as a Coach, and a top Business School Lecturer.

The truth is, on the inside, he is a Yogi.

Jean-Sébastien’s education began at one of Europe’s top Business Schools, where he became committed to developing his negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Over the past 8 years, he has developed and trained over 500 leaders from the military, the public and the private sector in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

He is the founder of the Productive Behaviors workshop, which has empowered thousands of business students with the soft skills they need to succeed and feel fulfilled in their life and career.

After many years helping leaders, Jean-Sébastien felt a deep longing that wasn’t being fulfilled, this began his secret journey exploring the ideas and minds of the great philosophers, psychologists and spiritual leaders.

His pursuit for knowledge led him to San Francisco to study East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

After a life-changing journey to India, he spent 2 months practicing Integral Yoga at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.

Upon his return to Europe, he started to bridge the gap between Business and Spirituality, by creating the first Conscious Business class at ESSEC Business School to help the students experience more effective and deeply fulfilling lives.

Today, he supports Visionary Leaders to create a more vibrant world around them with his Conscious Business Approach.

– Expertise –

Conscious Business

Grow the PeopleExpand the PsycheNurture the PlanetCreate ProsperityEmbody your Purpose

Conscious Leadership & Management

To know more, check out my article Conscious leadership: these practices will set you free (for now)

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Some institutional & corporate clients –

Top Business Students

Retail Managers

High-level Public Servants

High-ranking Military Officers

– Appreciation –

Aviram ROZIN
Founder of Sadhanaforest

I start every session with Jean-Sébastien talking about one or two huge personal or management challenges that I am facing and usually end the session with a completely different perception of the very nature of the challenges, and a clear roadmap of how to deal with them. With his rare combination of compassion, the ability to see situations clearly from many different angles, and honesty, Jean-Sébastien inspires me to introspect and find within myself a completely different point of view on those challenges. From there the road to the action items that feel right for me is quite short. Choosing Jean-Sébastien as a coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

“I have had the pleasure of spending several coaching sessions with Jean-Sébastien and it has been a very positive experience. He listens well, and has a way of asking questions that lead my thinking toward value and action. In general, I tend to be proactive and spend time reflecting. A session with Jean-Sébastien is somewhat like taking a little time alone to reflect and clarify my path forward, only better, because he asks stimulating questions, serving as a sort of mirror that reflects on parts of my life I might not see as clearly otherwise. Also, he knows entrepreneurship and the challenges entrepreneurs face.”

Chair of Business Program at Sofia University
Formerly a Technologist, Program Manager, and Executive at NASA Ames Research Center

Clinical Psychologist

“As a psychotherapist with over 40 years of practice, I had been seeing a client for the last 6 years – and she was still depressed. Jean-Sébastien saw her for one ten-minute session and asked her questions that I had never thought to ask. He elicited a passion of hers that I had never known about – that she had always loved ballet and that her deepest wish was to dance. My client’s life has now taken a wholly (holy?) new direction.