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Aviram ROZIN
Founder of Sadhanaforest

I start every session with Jean-Sébastien talking about one or two huge personal or management challenges that I am facing and usually end the session with a completely different perception of the very nature of the challenges, and a clear roadmap of how to deal with them. With his rare combination of compassion, the ability to see situations clearly from many different angles, and honesty, Jean-Sébastien inspires me to introspect and find within myself a completely different point of view on those challenges. From there the road to the action items that feel right for me is quite short. Choosing Jean-Sébastien as a coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

“Living as an inspired visionary and changemaker, in these excitingly volatile transformative times, with four decades under my belt of manifesting and dreaming big, and honoring an ancestral lineage of revolutionary leaders, I found that every opportunity of time-space shared with Jean-Sébastien to be profoundly consciousness-shifting for further exploration and liberation of my personal path of empowerment — gently illuminating my gifts I have been blessed to offer during my journey through Life. This inner work clearly reflects for my ‘outer work’ — as an Executive Director of a nascent nonprofit for consciousness, helping to open the path to the incredible gifts that the nonprofit could offer to humanity, beyond current human imagination. With Jean-Sébastien’s guidance and coaching, I was finding the way to take the next step up — though still beyond one’s imagination — with trust and courage, yet knowing that when it comes from deep within from the soul’s core, it’s simply responding to the Universe’s calling. Infinite gratitude to Jean-Sébastien’s unique talent, keen intuition and depth of knowledge.”

Christina CHAYA
Executive Director of the
McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy
Matthew ANDREWS,
President of Auroville International-USA
Co-Director of Yoga Center Amherst

Jean-Sébastien has a unique and powerful way of holding space for transformation to occur. His sincere and gentle approach invites introspection and invokes my own inner wisdom, allowing unexpected insights to arise that shift my perspective and bring clarity. I’ve worked with him individually and he has provided coaching to the AVI-USA board as well. With his support, board’s communications have become more generative, and collective accountability has increased. When I started meeting with him personally, I was contemplating a major career transition. He helped me see more clearly assumptions that were unconsciously clouding my perception. Today I’m on the other side of that transition, and I can see how his coaching helped me navigate uncertainty and trust myself to find the way through.

“I have had the pleasure of spending several coaching sessions with Jean-Sébastien and it has been a very positive experience. He listens well, and has a way of asking questions that lead my thinking toward value and action. In general, I tend to be proactive and spend time reflecting. A session with Jean-Sébastien is somewhat like taking a little time alone to reflect and clarify my path forward, only better, because he asks stimulating questions, serving as a sort of mirror that reflects on parts of my life I might not see as clearly otherwise. Also, he knows entrepreneurship and the challenges entrepreneurs face.”

Chair of Business Program at Sofia University
Formerly a Technologist, Program Manager, and Executive at NASA Ames Research Center

Clinical Psychologist

“As a psychotherapist with over 40 years of practice, I had been seeing a client for the last 6 years – and she was still depressed. Jean-Sébastien saw her for one ten-minute session and asked her questions that I had never thought to ask. He elicited a passion of hers that I had never known about – that she had always loved ballet and that her deepest wish was to dance. My client’s life has now taken a wholly (holy?) new direction.

“I was in the phase for launching the Jardin d’Aimeraudes project, a little ecovillage project an hour from Paris to demonstrate frugal innovations and regenerative practices. There were a lot of factors with which I was juggling from brainstorming about the project, constituting the team, looking for investment, evaluating the risks… I experienced the power of re-framing a problem and focusing on the long term vision and values of the project rather than letting short term problems cloud my judgement. The business model was week, finding investors wasn’t easy and there were some initial investments that needed to be taken care off and by focusing on the long term nature of the project, I could shift my energy and not get bogged down my operation issues. Indeed, the coaching helped me become more conscious of my energy and trust my intuitive decisions. I’d recommend social entrepreneurs or CEOs looking to transform there organizations to conscious organizations to work with Jean-Sébastien.”

Innovation Advisory Consultant at TalanSolutions

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