108 Conventional and Unorthodox Ways of making Choices and Decisions (2)

For those who are more open to unorthodox ways of making decisions, for those with an open worldview, and for the curious, here is a follow-up article on ways for making decisions.

This is the continuation on my first article: 108 Conventional and Unorthodox Ways of making Choices and Decisions.

If you are open to experimenting, you could go with more unorthodox approaches:

 VI. Center-based decision making

The other day, we had an online session with DeRose Method Instructors, who reminded us that we have different centers that allow us to make our decisions, namely:

  • The instinct, to make rapid decisions, which is linked to the reptilian part of the brain.
  • The emotional, linked to the limbic system.
  • The mental, linked to the neo-cortex.
  • Intuition, linked to the Ajña chakra, the third eye, in relationship with the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

Decisions made based on instinct allow for a fight, freeze or flight response.

Decisions based primarily on emotions can lead to regrets over a longer period of time, as emotions fluctuate. It is thus recommended not to make important life decisions when one is too tired or at a too low point emotionally.

Decisions made with the mind are well thought out, and rational, however, they can lack the more creative vision possible with intuitive ways of knowing for long-term results.

Hence, intuition-based decision making give rise to insight, vision and non-linear ways of accomplish what you are longing for. The insights come as a flash. It can be an image, an impression, a sound or a sentence…

A more participatory way is to feel for the decision through all these centers, by asking the question and feeling for the answer:

What is my gut telling me? – Put both hands on your stomach and feel into it.

What is my heart telling me? – Put both hands on your heart and feel into it.

What is my mind telling me? – Take the time to write it down.

What is my intuition telling me? – For that, you need to clear up your mind, so you might want to meditate, or take a walk, so that you can let go of your thoughts and listen to your inner voice. You might want to stimulate your ajña chakra through specific techniques. For intuition, it might be good to give yourself some time as intuition-based decision-making improves with time.

You might also want to listen to your Conscience, and ask yourself:

What is my conscience telling me? That is the small voice that whispers benevolently things to you in your head. It is of a different tone than your usual voices, that sound more like a crowded bar with people of different opinions debating and criticizing. Also, learn to discern the inner critic and other negative voices that you might have in your mind. Note that your Conscience is usually benevolent, kind and gentle in her way of communicating with you.

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VII. Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Psychics, Mediums, Lightworkers, Energy workers and healers

For certain questions that require anonymity and discretion, or if you want to connect to Higher Powers, you might want to consider consulting with a Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Psychic, Medium, Lightworker, Energy worker or a healer.

Jim Carrey talks about how a psychic predicted him some of his successes very specifically with movies. A friend of mine, who is a great coach, received a prediction by a psychic in New York City, that he would meet his Soul Mate in Europe. This prediction cost him $5. He did come back to Europe to meet his Soul Mate, and today, they are engaged.

At times, I have also consulted Tarot readers, psychics, healers and people in these fields for my own guidance, and based on my experience, here are things to look for when you select your professional:

  1. What does your intuition tell you? (For me, I have a good feel for some places and people and not for others)
  2. When you meet them, do you trust them or not?
  3. When they give you the reading, do they stay focused on you and your problems?
  4. Keep your filters on: you get to choose what seems relevant for you or not and see if what they are telling you is empowering you or dis-empowering you
  5. You can ask if you can record the session if you want to listen to it later
  6. Check what they are connecting to. Is it to the Source? To Ascended Masters? To Angels and Archangels? To Spirits who you usually work with? To your ancestors? To deceased ones? Look for synchronicities, especially if you told them nothing about the spirits you usually work with.
  7.  If possible, work with people based on a referral, with trusted and experienced people you know.
  8. Until you know you can trust them fully, look out for spiritual gaslighting.

VIII. Toss a coin – or three

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A simple way of making a decision, is also to toss a coin. You can toss it once, to answer a Yes/No question. You can toss it three times (or more), to have a more nuanced answer:

For example Yes-Yes-No.

There are variations around this technique.

First, decide: Who you are asking?

Are you asking God, the Universe, your guardian Angel(s), your Higher Self?

Second, decide what will heads mean and what will tails mean (Yes or no, or a choice between two options).

Third, place your intention on whom you are asking while tossing the coin, with a clear question clearly formulated before you toss it. Keep your attention focused on your Higher Self for example (your Consciousness should rise high above your head) while the coin is spinning. I like to have the coin land in my right hand, and then turn it over on my left so my right hand is covering the coin on the top of my left hand.

Make sure you have your choices clear in mind, and then look at the result. This is if you want to get advice from the entity you contacted.

If you want to know what you really want, you can do the same procedure, except that you connect with yourself first.

Toss the coin, and cover it before looking at the result.

Once the coin is under your hand, just notice what you would want the result to be. That is your answer.

Do not look at the result, trust yourself.

If you want to see whether what you want aligns with the Universe, place your attention on the Universe before you toss the coin, and check with what you want. Then, discover the coin and see if they match. If they don’t, you get an insight and might want to go with your choice anyways, or change your question slightly, or ask the Universe:

“What is missing for that to align?”

Yes, this is it, I presented to you only 8 different ways and variations of how to make a decision. You don’t need 108 ways. You need to move forward and accept the following:

“We’re always worrying. ‘Did I think this long enough?’ ‘Did I take enough data into consideration?’

And if you think it through, you find you never could take enough data into consideration.

The data for a decision in any given situation is infinite.

This wisdom comes from Alan Watts’ talk, called “An Act of Faith” where he ends up by giving advice on what to do.

If you still feel yourself spinning around, you might want to ask for help.

Also feel free to send me a private message and tell me more about your situation, and let me know if you would like me to help you get a deeper perspective on your situation.

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