Miracles happen in Coaching

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Miracles happen in Coaching.

I mean, real Miracles.

I remember a conversation with a client, when she evoked what was missing in her personal life. She said that she would love to play the piano, and had wanted to buy one for many years. She was going through a tough time professionally, and personally. She told me that she didn’t have the money to buy a piano. She had not told anybody else about her desire to play the piano. I didn’t do anything about it during our coaching conversation, nor give her any homework on this topic. I could have coached her to create the money to buy the piano, or suggest that she sign up for a piano class until she could afford a piano. But I said nothing.

We had another conversation, a few weeks later. And she told me about the Miracle:

Her neighbour was a piano lover, and they had talked for a bit. Soon after, my client found a check in her post-box worth 2000€, with a little note from her neighbour, telling her to buy a certain piano of a high quality brand. She was speechless.

Miracles happen in coaching.

Coaching is creating the space for Miracles and Magic to occur, that neither the coach nor the client can imagine or expect.

Coaching can be a portal outside of time and space where the Infinite Mind of the Universe can create and play.

I am coaching the founder and co-director of a company in France, and have been supporting him in creating the Dream Team needed to take his Vision to the next level. The team grew from a few employees to a total of 19 in just a few years. In one of our conversations, I helped him define the ideal profile of the kind of talents he would like to attract to his organization. A few months later, he told me how delighted he was that a young and promising High Potential just joined his organization, and how her skills and attitude were beyond his expectations.

Miracles happen in coaching, and you don’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes… you get what you need !

At the Rich Litvin Intensive this year, I came to grow my business, and take it to the next level. In some ways, I did (and made the right connections there). But one of my big takeaways had nothing to do with my business. In the session, a participant had just lost his father, and was grieving. Rich read a heart-breaking and remarkably well-crafted text (“When I’m gone”), that brought me to tears and melted me from the inside-out. It helped me reconnect to the gratitude of having both my parents alive, and being blessed to spend time with them while they are still in their bodies.

The story behind this story is that at the moment when the tickets were for sale, I didn’t have the $1997 to invest in the intensive. But my coaching buddy, the remarkable coach Aidan Lazzarotto offered me a ticket.

Miracles happen in coaching.

Another client based in France told me about a  long standing training contract she had with a top aerospace company, but she had not heard from them for over a year.

I gave her some space after our deep coaching conversation.

When I checked in with her, a few months later, she sent me this message:

“Thank you so much for the session.

The next day I had a lovely experience of feeling fully myself in France with the team of the [organization she is working with].

There was a sense of space and a feeling of breathing my own air if that makes sense.

And people I hadn’t been in touch with contacted me (Airbus for one). It was intriguing.”

Miracles happen in coaching.

Miracles are Miracles.

I am not talking about “reaching goals”. I am not talking about clients who I have prepped for a specific talk, a job interview, a big contract, or a meeting with Minister’s Chief of staff.

“All miracles involve a shift in perception.”

A Course in Miracles.

Michael Neill, in his great book Supercoach (p. 225-226), explains the process this way:

“The general report from people when they gain their first insight into Mind, Thought and Consciousness is that a sense of ease and wellbeing begins to permeate their lives, coupled with a sense of surprise that things have begun to shift in their circumstances ‘all by themselves.’ This can be unsettling. As one client said to me with great concern in his voice, ‘The problem is, I don’t have any more problems.’


When people begin experiencing a more effortless way of living, the results they produce (and the way which they produce them) can be quite startling. Customers and clients appear out of nowhere. Business opportunities show up ‘out of the blue.’ Relationship miracles occur and seemingly insurmountable problems simply dissolve without ever being addressed directly.”

A client of mine told me he wanted to work closely and advise High Level Political leaders, to help them bring democracy to the next level. In one of our conversations, he told me how, during one of the events he was leading, he saw the French President, Emmanuel Macron, and told him about a certain project in less than a minute. The French President said: “Banco, J’achète.” (“Banco, done deal.”)

In this case, I don’t know to what extent it was related to our previous conversations, for this client has been in such situations with other High Level personalities before.

In other cases, I know they are Miracles that occurred 100% thanks to our coaching.

Michael Neill’s explanation for Miracles is simple:

“Traditional success models are all about doing,

Creating effortless success is all about being.”

What Miracles would you love to have occur in your life or your business?

Who can you tell about them?

If you are a leader with a track record of success dedicated to the Evolution of Consciousness, and would love to experience this space where Miracles occur, feel free to reach out to me.

If you would like to open yourself to synchronicities and small miracles during your day, ask yourself this question in your mind when something positive happens during your day:

“How does it get any better than this?”

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