You are a Genius (but sometimes you forget)

“You are a genius”, said my client.

We were 20 minutes into his first 90 minute coaching conversation, and he was complete already.

He got the insight that he needed that he could take out into the world, and shift his coaching and healing skills to the next level.

The funny part is that we had not even started to dive into proper coaching yet.

I had merely started creating powerful agreements with my client, as I do with every client at the beginning of a coaching relationship.

If you would like to learn more about agreements (and the distinction between “Agreements vs. Expectations”, read this article, or even better, read Steve Chandler’s Crazy Good – A book of choices).

What my client couldn’t see, is that I was simply a reflection of his own genius.

It’s not the first time this happens.

Entering your Zone of Genius

A few years ago, another client and friend told me the same thing, that I was a genius.

I won’t deny that. Actually, I fully receive and am grateful for this reflection. But it hasen’t always been that way. In the past, I would not know about my Genius. I wasn’t aware of it. After some Deep Inner Work and coaching training I did become aware of it, and with more inner work, I am able to receive it when someone reflects this to me.

But I am also acutely aware of several things:

  1. I’m not the only one. You, reader, are a genius too.
  2. We can only be a genius when we play in our Zone of Genius. (more about it here)

That’s a key point.

I love cooking. But nobody has ever told me that I was a genius when they tasted the food I make. That’s because cooking is in my Zone of Competence.

I love doing many other things, but rarely do I get this reflection on Genius.

However, coaching is in my Zone of Genius. It is natural, then, that I get this kind of compliment.

I don’t say this to brag. What I want is to demonstrate that when you play and spend time in your Zone of Genius, the Universe and people will respond accordingly.

When you spend time in your Zone of Excellence, you get another kind of feedback:

“That was great !”

“Thank you so much!”

On the inside, you might feel: “I’m glad they enjoyed it”. It will give you satisfaction, contentment and a certain amount of fulfillment, but not necessarily exhilaration and profound joy.

In the Zone of Genius, the internal feedback you might get might feel more like:

“Oh my God, I love this and it’s working so well !”, with a feeling of great joy and beaming light coming from the inside-out.

The more you spend your time in your Zone of Genius, the better you can serve, connect with your Soul’s Purpose, (more on Purpose here), and the more Prosperous you become.

Genius is not restricted to being “smart”


 (ˈdʒiːnɪəs; -njəs)

npl -uses or (for senses 5, 6)genii (ˈdʒiːnɪˌaɪ)

1. a person with exceptional ability, esp of a highly original kind

2. such ability or capacity: Mozart’s musical genius.

3. the distinctive spirit or creative nature of a nation, era, language, etc

4. a person considered as exerting great influence of a certain sort: an evil genius.

5. (Classical Myth & Legend) Roman myth

a. the guiding spirit who attends a person from birth to death

b. the guardian spirit of a place, group of people, or institution

6. (Non-European Myth & Legend) Arabian myth (usually plural) a demon; jinn


clever and original

(source : The Free Dictionary )

We usually think about Genius in terms of definitions 1. And 2. But it doesn’t have to be restricted to cognitive intelligence.

As I explained in this article, there are multiple forms of intelligence.

You can be an artistic genius, a culinary genius, a relationship genius, …

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

I would even say you can be a genius of the heart. I see so many geniuses of the heart.

I just gave a talk on Neurodiversity at ESSEC Business School, and shared about the Café Joyeux, which opened several venues in France in the last couple of years. Their employees are mainly people with Down Syndrome or on the autistic spectrum. They are geniuses too.

In this interview, you can see how heartful, sincere they are.

They are geniuses too.

And don’t worry, if you, like me, know that the price to pay for genius is being a little (sometimes quite a bit) crazy. Aristotle knows that too:

“There is no great genius without some touch of madness.”


I also like the Roman mythic definition, as well as the Arabian mythic definition:

This idea that like Aladdin, we can rub the lamp and the Genie will appear to give us guidance and wisdom. I believe that coaches, mentors and advisors are to fulfill this role when called upon. It is a privilege to serve our clients and guide them through their most challenging and the most rewarding moments of their lives.

To finish, enjoy “Genius of Love” live, by TomTom Club:

Get up, dance, and may this song bring out the Genius in You !

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