Common sense vs. common practice: 7 keys to sustainability and prosperity

Today, you can plant the seeds of what you will want to sow tomorrow. The items listed below are obvious. They are Common Sense. Unfortunately, they are not Common Practice. So please, when you read an item that is relevant to you. Don’t do a ton of research. Just apply one thing you know is important wayContinue reading “Common sense vs. common practice: 7 keys to sustainability and prosperity”

Responsibility, Leadership and Integrity in Challenging times

This is the best time to Show Up in the World. As I am writing, France is under confinement, which means that citizens need to stay at home, and can only go out for buying groceries, medical reasons, and practicing sports. A few days ago, as I went to the little organic store, there wereContinue reading “Responsibility, Leadership and Integrity in Challenging times”

How to transform Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity into an advantage

Despite all this, things are getting better. Hard to believe? Read this and learn how you can make things better. Life can be challenging. As I am writing this, France has just announced the 15-day quarantine to slow down the Coronavirus outbreak. The key to the problem is in the problem itself: slowing down. That isContinue reading “How to transform Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity into an advantage”

Predictability vs. Reliability

What kind of person are you? Creative? Scientist? What is the importance of Reliability and Predictability for you? Let’s start with a little thought experiment: Who is the most predictable person you know? Who is the most reliable? Is that the same person? I was surprised, working with Rich Litvin, that I found him quiteContinue reading “Predictability vs. Reliability”

High Performance Coaching

Whether you are a #Coach who wants to serve your clients more powerfully, or a #Leader who wants to empower your Team, these keys to #HighPerformanceCoaching will help you unlock your people’s highest potential. Transformational work is by definition, Life-changing. Your life looks one way, and all of a sudden, it becomes very different. ItContinue reading “High Performance Coaching”

Excellence vs. Perfection

Are you striving for perfection, or excellence? I spent a lot of time in ESSEC business school in France. First, as a student, and a few years later, teaching as a Lecturer and helping students as a Career Coach. I have been raised in cultures of excellence. I went to an international high school whereContinue reading “Excellence vs. Perfection”

Life preserving vs. Life giving

Do you sometimes feel stuck? Do you feel that you are holding back? Maybe you need to become more life-giving. Last November, I was looking at options to purchase a new jacket, as mine was getting old and worn out. I saw the perfect jacket at the Galleries Lafayette, one of the high-end department storesContinue reading “Life preserving vs. Life giving”

On Gurus, Masters and Mentors

Who is your Guru? Guru is a misunderstood word. In the West, and in France in particular (where it is spelled “Gourou”), it has a particularly negative connotation. You talk about a Guru when you describe somebody who thinks he is God, is almighty, and has his head far too up… I would say thatContinue reading “On Gurus, Masters and Mentors”

[Book Review] 37 Ways to Boost your Coaching Practice by Steve Chandler

Want to boost your coaching practice? Want to learn simple steps from a top coach? The first thing you need to know about this book is that it is highly transformational material. This is what I love the most about Steve Chandler’s books. You can read one chapter only, and this will give you theContinue reading “[Book Review] 37 Ways to Boost your Coaching Practice by Steve Chandler”

Flow – or how you might be creating your own problems to avoid being bored…

here are moments in life where things seem to get really smooth. Suddenly, you notice many problems arising. You were on a high, gliding through the skies, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and the soft breeze of the wind on your cheeks, and all of a sudden, as you are plunging,Continue reading “Flow – or how you might be creating your own problems to avoid being bored…”