The Power of Commitment

Commitment is everything. In coaching, we hear a lot about “The Power of Commitment.” It makes a huge difference in all aspects of one’s life. When you commit to something and make sure that nothing will get in your way, the Universe aligns and conspires to make it happen. When I transitioned to coaching, IContinue reading “The Power of Commitment”

Powerful Coaching Questions for Conscious Business

Questions to ask at the beginning of a coaching program: If you were to look back 3 years from now, and realize that it has been the best 3 years of your life… what has to have happened, for you to feel thrilled with your progress? What’s going to hold you back from creating thatContinue reading “Powerful Coaching Questions for Conscious Business”

Working with clients you Love

Love should be at the base of your coaching practice. Love for coaching. Love for your clients. I love my clients. Truly. I love their projects. I love their work in the world. I love them. I believe every coach should love their clients too. It is totally OK not to love some people. ThereContinue reading “Working with clients you Love”

On Self-Discipline and the Power of Routines

Ever felt like you wanted to develop more self-discipline? This article is for you. A few years back, I was in Brazil to participate in the first edition of the Franco-Brazilian Negotiation Fellowship. The only souvenir I brought back was a book in Portuguese entitled: “Disciplina, o caminho da Vitoria” (Schlup Sant’Anna, 2010). I never read itContinue reading “On Self-Discipline and the Power of Routines”

“Coaching is the most generous profession in the world.”

That struck me. That was my insight. I was in the Rich Litvin Intensive a few days ago, surrounded by some of the most amazing and talented coaches on the planet. Yet, this insight sounded like an awakening for me. I always loved to give, offer, and help people to become better, happier and freer.Continue reading ““Coaching is the most generous profession in the world.””

Following the standard vs. Setting the standard

Being a visionary isn’t always easy. In a world set with standards and norms, where you need to follow guidelines, laws, protocols and procedures, it is sometimes hard to remember that you get to create your own path. Following the standard is what most people and organizations do. For instance the government sets a standardContinue reading “Following the standard vs. Setting the standard”

A Letter to Aspiring Coaches: How to earn more money, time and freedom by coaching clients privately.

Would you like to help people fulfill their life purpose? Have you ever thought of becoming a coach? Dear Friend, You told me that you sometimes feel stuck as an employee. You told me about your longing for freedom, meaning, purpose in your life and in your professional life in particular. You told me thatContinue reading “A Letter to Aspiring Coaches: How to earn more money, time and freedom by coaching clients privately.”

Conscious Leadership: These practices will set you free (for now)

Here is the most comprehensive summary of Conscious Leadership I could put together. Enjoy ! “Conscious Business – business that is conscious of inner and outer worlds – would therefore be business that takes into account body, mind, and spirit in self, culture and nature. […] This means specifically that integral business leadership would useContinue reading “Conscious Leadership: These practices will set you free (for now)”