How to become a (part-time) Millionaire

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay Before we talk about how to become a millionaire, let’s start with a game. It’s called: “If I was a millionaire…” Start by saying out loud the following sentence, and complete it automatically: “If I was a millionaire, I would…” “If I was a millionaire, I would…”Continue reading “How to become a (part-time) Millionaire”

The Antidote to Founder’s Syndrome

(Image by Angelo Rosa from Pixabay) When leaders get in the way I was facilitating a brainstorming session for a US-based non-profit, who’s Mission is to awaken the human species to their full potential, thus helping to create a more symbiotic and harmonious relationship with the entire planetary community of sentient species. The board membersContinue reading “The Antidote to Founder’s Syndrome”