Two of the most powerful tools I know for Creating: The Pen and Paper

I have always loved paper: whether the paper of books (nothing will ever beat them nor replace them), or a simple but beautiful white sheet of paper. I love the smell of books: new books in their shiny pristine aspects (in particular hardcover books, especially US editions), and old books (especially those on the QuaisContinue reading “Two of the most powerful tools I know for Creating: The Pen and Paper”

Debugging Failure: 7 common reasons we fail at something

What was your latest failure? Mine was last week. I had thought about creating a program to help students and young professionals with all the tools, expertise and wisdom I have gathered throughout the years. I started jotting down ideas on my magic ReMarkable, and started to add and refine these ideas as they came.Continue reading “Debugging Failure: 7 common reasons we fail at something”

Articles on Conscious Business

This series of articles on Conscious Business was published by the Council on Business and Society (the CoBS) in Global Voice Magazine #19 and CoBS Insights: 1) Overview of Conscious Business: Moving Beyond CSR 2) Introduction to Conscious Business: a New Frontier in View 3) Purpose: Keys to Finding Meaning and Triggering the Change 4) What it means to be Prosperous 5) Conscious Business, theContinue reading “Articles on Conscious Business”