Conflict of Interests vs. Synergy of Interests

Several years ago, I was asked by the founder of a medium-sized company to coach one of his senior consultants. At the end of the session, my only recommendation for this consultant was to take her Christmas holidays, take time off, enjoy time with her family and see what unfolded. A few months after, sheContinue reading “Conflict of Interests vs. Synergy of Interests”

You are voting much more than you think

In a few months, France will hold it’s next Presidential Election. Some people look at this election as another opportunity for change, while others stay with apathy, as they believe that it will be like all the previous ones and bring no change whatsoever. This is shown by the very high abstention scores during secondContinue reading “You are voting much more than you think”

On Creating a Lovely Default Future

In The Prosperous Coach, Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin explain one of the powers of great coaching: It helps the client shift from their Default Future (what would happen in their life and business without coaching), to a Created Future. Recently, I’ve been thinking that this is great, as we can create phenomenal (and Impossible)Continue reading “On Creating a Lovely Default Future”

Circles of Responsibility

In previous articles, I explained the power of taking responsibility (Responsibility, Leadership and Integrity in Challenging times, and Conscious Leadership). Responsibility, though can be a tricky concept to apply. It can be easy to avoid taking responsibility (which gives our power to others or external circumstances), or on the opposite, to take too much responsibilityContinue reading “Circles of Responsibility”

The Forrest Gump Effect: Or the Power of a Beginner’s Mind

Yesterday, I went to the Opera in Nice. I managed to get one of the last seated tickets for Philipp Glass’ Akhnaten, for the last day it was playing. I am so grateful I caught this opportunity. Funny things happened that evening. A digression First of all, I caught myself treating myself cheaply, trying toContinue reading “The Forrest Gump Effect: Or the Power of a Beginner’s Mind”