[Book review] The Prosperous Coach

Are you a coach struggling to “get”​ clients?

What if you learned the business of coaching?

I read only one book about coaching. For all the other topics I studied, I read at a few to up to a dozen books. For coaching, it was different. I feel that I got all the coaching training I needed with my Integral Coaching certification, and coaching my first practice clients three years ago to get a good start.

When I came across The Prosperous Coach, it was like a revelation. The key to was understanding that I had learned the basics of the art of coaching, but I needed to master the business of coaching, if I wanted to sustain my practice over time. I bought the book, and read it almost overnight (which I rarely do). It was unputdownable (true word).

Whether you are already a seasoned coach, or a beginner in coaching, this book will teach you two key things:

  1. How to create your coaching practice the way you want with high achieving clients
  2. How to charge higher fees for your coaching services

The book is divided into five sections, and comprises an amazing, high value-added appendix – in my opinion, probably the section with the most high power gems. The sections are broken down into 69 chapters, which are each very concise, written in a direct and provocative style, that truly bend your mind and help you experience what is possible with this high impact coaching approach.

The first section, The Prosperous Coach, is a brief introduction by the authors, both extraordinary coaches Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin.

In the second section, The Miracle of Coaching, Rich and Steve explain the mistakes most beginner coaches make in the business of coaching, and show you how to shift your mindset of a pleaser to that of a coach who can truly serve your clients.

In the third section, Creating Clients, you will learn the proven process to create deep and meaningful relationships, and create the high paying, highly committed clients you truly want. Hint, this is done by invitation and referral only, which means no website, no business card, no marketing, no social media.

In the fourth section, you will explore the 18 disciplines of Fearless Coaching. Among them, you will learn to love rejection and getting “Nos”, go beyond your fears, manage challenging client requests and see that it is possible to grow a coaching practice to six figures.

Finally, in the fifth section, Steve and Rich dive deep into what it takes to become an exponential coach: Deep Inner Work. To get an idea of this chapter, here are a three chapter titles for this section:

  • Slow down to speed up success
  • No one ever pays for coaching
  • Why would a coach need a coach?

The bonus lies in the Appendixes: Creating an EXTRAORDINARY coaching practice. Here, you will get very helpful tools to build your practice, such as the Litvin Levels (to help you determine where you are in your progression), or the No Game to help you overcome your fear of rejection.

For me, it helped me understand the foundations of being a professional coach, and shift from charging average clients by the hour to serving and creating value for great and exciting clients with high-fee packages.

In a book review, I would usually present the authors. However, if you are an aspiring coach, I have a research project for you. A research project is a good practice you can use for your clients as well, and that you can use to create your dream clients. Research Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. After your research, post below the biggest insight you got.

Have you read the Prosperous Coach?

Let me know how it transformed you!

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