“You can always start over again.”

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

I love the brand Yogi Tea. I especially like their labels, with words of wisdom written on them. Most often than not, they say exactly what I need to hear. (The beverage itself also tastes very good by the way.)

One day, I looked at a label which said:

“You can always start over.”

That was a relief for me.

So many times, we get stuck in a project, in life, in our goals, in what we want to accomplish.

We try, we push hard, we push ourselves (too hard), and we fail.

Or so we think.

But we can start over again.

Are you really going back to “square one”?

The beauty and the magic, is that most of the time, our thinking has us think that we are “back to square one”.

But the truth is: this never really happens.

We are always one step further.

Even if we have come back to what seems like the same place, we are armed with more experience, knowledge and wisdom than before (that is, unless you have the ability to travel back in time – you might be a Time Master).

You see, humans evolve in an ascending spiral (according to developmental psychologists such as Don Edward Beck and Christopher Cowan, in their work on Spiral Dynamics. You can learn more on the details of the Evolution of Consciousness in the excellent works of Ken Wilber which I present in these articles: 1, 2 and 3).

The trick is that our mind would say that we are at the same point, but the truth is that we have ascended in the process and find ourselves at the same point on the horizontal axis, but higher in the vertical dimension.

Where your mind thinks you are:

In reality, this is where you really are:

Helpful Questions

Think about a project, a goal or a dream that you have.

(A Project is a Dream with a Plan.)

If you are feeling like you are “back to  square one”, or that you haven’t made much progress, think about it again.

What are the areas where you have made progress?

What still needs to be done?

If you would like to work on taking the next steps, read and apply Creating The Impossible, by Michael Neill.

If none of these options feel good to you, maybe it’s time to rest.

Remember that Resting is Part of the Training.

An important question before you resume your pursuit:

Is this project/dream/goal still important to you?


Do you really want to resume it?

If you didn’t, what would you do?

What would be the cost of not going further?

What does your mind have to say?

What does your body have to say (start moving and listen to what comes from the inside)?

What does my heart have to say? (Put both your hands on your heart, and start feeling the gratitude for all what your heart does for you: it pumps blood in your whole body, 24/7 and asks for nothing in return. It gives you unconditionally. Now listen to what your heart has to tell you.)

What is your Soul longing for?

Now if you do consider that you are starting over:

What would you do differently this time?

What worked well last time?

What didn’t ?

If you decided to start it over again:

What is the tiniest step you could take?

Does that feel good?

What if you took a massive step?

-By making a BIG ASK.

-By jumping anyways (you can learn how to jump)

If you still have hesitations, what would be one question, that if you had the answer to it, would change everything?

What makes your project/goal/dream easier to accomplish today than yesterday?

Is time playing in your favor?

If you could count on nobody’s help, how would you do it?

What if it was easy?

If you could ask one person for support, who would that be?

How will everybody benefit from you accomplishing that project/goal/dream?

What would be the cost of postponing it further?

What if you took your time?

What if you speeded up?

How would the weakest part of you do it?

How would the strongest part of you do it?

Describe your dream/project/goal as you thought about it last time:

Describe it this time, making it 10x better (whatever better means for you):

Final words on starting over again

Starting over means starting with a fresh new perspective.

For indeed, as Marcel Proust said:

“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

It means looking at your project/dream/goal with a Zen mind, beginner’s mind.

It means taking your eyeballs out, and replacing them with child’s eyes, full of innocence and no preconceived ideas.

Then, you can see the world as it truly is:


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