On Net Impact, a Dream, and Purpose

I worry a lot about the environment.

I worry a lot about the footprint I have on this planet:

When I go to a coffee shop, I don’t feel good about using a paper cup (even when it’s 100% compostable).

I don’t feel good about driving (even though I love driving in the U.S. – love those large roads and long distances !)

I don’t feel good about being on a highly polluting airplane (even though I love flying).

I create a lot of limiting beliefs around the lifestyle I can have.

I am still in the discovery process of what lifestyle would fit my purpose best:

Sometimes, I’d love to have my own home and have my clients fly to me for in-person coaching sessions.

Sometimes, I’d like to retire completely in an ashram in India, and live simply and very frugally dedicated 100% to spiritual practice and being.

Sometimes, I’d like to live in a community such as Sadhana Forest, and plant trees, enjoy nature and help for the regeneration of nature and Mother Earth.

Sometimes, I’d like a diverse and cosmopolitan lifestyle, that would allow me to di a little bit of everything.

And I think about the impact of all this:

  • 993kg of CO² emissions for a Paris-NYC plane, that is almost half of what a human naturally emits just for his basic survival needs
  • Plastic in the Oceans
  • Other forms of pollution and waste.

As I have been reflecting on this for quite some time, this thought came to mind:

“Sometimes, it’s worth the pollution.”

Leaders with a Positive Net Impact

I have thought about real world leaders with a Positive Net Impact:

I am glad that people such as H.H. The Dalai Lama take the plane, and spread wisdom, peace and loving kindness all over the world.

I am glad that people such as Aviram Rozin, the founder of Sadhana Forest take the plane to create vegan communities dedicated to reforestation projects all over the globe.

I am glad that people such as Yves Mathieu, founder of Missions Publiques, his Co-Directors and their teams fly to further the development of Global Participatory Democracy worldwide.

I believe they all have a Positive Net Impact.

It’s OK to produce CO² (we always do so at this point of History) as long as your overall long term impact is positive.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reduce your footprint to the minimum. (You can choose to reduce, and compensate your CO² emissions.)

But it’s important to keep in mind the big picture of Net Impact.

How about your own Positive Net Impact?

I have also reflected on what would make my pollution worth it on this planet.

What would make my life worth living from a Purpose standpoint, but also from an ecological standpoint (having this being as an asset for the ecological community rather than a liability)?

Here are some of my dreams, that, if I could contribute to this Planet by helping them come true, would make the whole (ecological) journey worth it:

That we can all breathe fresh air.

That we can all drink pure water.

That we can all live with a direct access to a lush natural environment that energizes us and that we can care for.

That each of us can live in a local community that truly feels like Home.

That we can all have access to carbon positive flights.

That we can all create and live in 0 waste systems.

That each of us can have access to affordable education as much as we need for our growth and development.

That each of us can share their knowledge, wisdom, love and gifts to the world with ease and joy.

That each of us can have a positive Net Impact on this beautiful planet.

How about you, what are your dreams?

What would make your life worth living in terms of Purpose?

How can you reduce your footprint?

How can you increase your positive impact?

What would your Positive Net Impact look like?

Feel free to send me an email, and tell me everything.

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