3 Keys to rise above Life’s most challenging circumstances

“God created Arrakis to train the faithful.” Frank Herbert, Dune. Sometimes, life throws challenges at you. Life is so intelligent, that she will find your weakest point, and hit you right there. Life will test your pride, your ego, your will, your faith, your love. Life will test everything in you. Life will see yourContinue reading “3 Keys to rise above Life’s most challenging circumstances”

10 Things I learned from my mentor, Michel Vallier (3/3)

8) “Ne prends pas ta viande où tu prends ton pain.”“Don’t take your meat where you take your bread.” Michel was big on ethics and integrity. Before I explain this one, I have to situate it in the context of the mass retail sector, which is  highly masculine (although evolving), and in some areas quiteContinue reading “10 Things I learned from my mentor, Michel Vallier (3/3)”

10 Things I learned from my mentor, Michel Vallier (2/3)

This articles is the second one of a series of three. It follows the first part. 5) “Ne jamais passer à la suite avant d’avoir terminé son étape.” “Don’t move on to the next step until you have completed the previous one.” In a world of distraction, one of the great diseases of our timeContinue reading “10 Things I learned from my mentor, Michel Vallier (2/3)”

10 Things I learned from my mentor, Michel Vallier (1/3)

Michel Vallier was one of my professional mentors. In my early days of being a trainer in management, he showed me the ropes and flew me to the Middle-East to train managers in leadership skills, time management, interpersonal communication, personal organization and team-work. Michel was an unorthodox trainer, and had started his adult life learningContinue reading “10 Things I learned from my mentor, Michel Vallier (1/3)”

The Learning Trap, and how to reverse it

One of the big shifts students have to make when they graduate, is to switch from being a learning sponge to being a “producing” human being. They have to switch from taking to giving. During their studies, they discover how much there is to learn, and how much they don’t know. And then, they “enterContinue reading “The Learning Trap, and how to reverse it”

Integrity vs. Morality

What if we could develop a new perspective on what is the right course of action? These days, we hear a lot about ethics, morality, and integrity. I have talked about integrity in a previous article, based on the work of the Conscious Leadership Group. In a nutshell, Jim Dethmer, in an excellent video gives a compelling andContinue reading “Integrity vs. Morality”

The Art of Adaptability

The gift of Adaptability Some years back, I wanted to write a whole book on Adaptability. In that book, I would have interviews of highly adaptable people: special agents about disguising techniques, transformists who do this on stage instantly (watch Ellie and Jeki on Britain’s Got Talent !), specialists on biomimicry, who would explain why and howContinue reading “The Art of Adaptability”

108 Conventional and Unorthodox Ways of making Choices and Decisions (2)

 VI. Center-based decision making The other day, we had an online session with DeRose Method Instructors, who reminded us that we have different centers that allow us to make our decisions, namely: The instinct, to make rapid decisions, which is linked to the reptilian part of the brain. The emotional, linked to the limbic system. The mental,Continue reading “108 Conventional and Unorthodox Ways of making Choices and Decisions (2)”